A Meditation For Conscious Consumerism

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

It's important for us to remain connected to the earth and to each other and to remember this connection when we make a purchase or consume a resource.  This meditation is intended to promote compassion through encouraging conscious awareness of that interconnectedness. (It is in no way intended to make you feel guilty)

It might be particularly important for you to practice this meditation when you feel like you are buying a lot of stuff, but it can be practiced at any time.

Take some time to think about your spending habits and what you have purchased over the past several months.  Include everything, the food you eat, the sale you shopped at, the fuel for your car, and any other goods and services that are regular purchases or splurges.  It might help you to write it down.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and start to visualise yourself as connected to the Earth and all it's beings.  Strengthen the feeling of interconnection and interdependence to the sky above, the earth below, the trees and plants and rocks and water.  

Now imagine that everything you consume has an effect on all of these things - the air, the earth and the water and on all the beings we share this with.

Visualise putting fuel in your car.  Think about the people who drilled it and refined it.  Remind yourself that the fuel is a limited resource, and that your car exhaust pollutes the air.

Visualise the food you eat.  Think about the people who grew and harvested it and all the resources involved in packaging it and shipping it to you.  Consider pesticides that may have been used and the effect those chemicals have on the soil and the farmers.

Think of the great deal you got on a t-shirt last week.  Consider the resources required to make the fabric and the impact that has on the planet.  Think about the labour to make the garment and whether people have been paid well for their work.

Be aware of the effect your consumption has on the planet.  Bring this awareness into your everyday life to help you make compassionate purchasing decisions.

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