Thursday, April 30, 2020

*purple flowers  *new notebooks *Baggy booty pants  *movie afternoons  *chips and dip  *catching up  *couches (for laying, napping, chatting)  *colour  *days that feel like summer *team work  *surprises *temple art *ponchos *misty mornings *dandelions *live music  *creative outlets  *bubbles  *girly dates  *burgers and beers  *short weeks  *rain  *azaleas  *lazy puppies *wild flowers *caribbean blue *tree hugs *collaboration  *celebrations  *letting go  *the smell of coffee in the morning  *beers on the roof  *lace at the top of my socks  *skirts  *being woken by the sun  *sprouting seeds *fall colours *homemade cinnamon flavoured rice milk *polaroid pictures *freediving *potato salad *stormy nights *mangosteens *bush walks *magnolias blooming  *cherry blossoms everywhere  *letters in the mail  *spring buds  *kiddie hugs  *the smell of dirt  *learning new things  *lace  *green tea lattes  *pink clouds  *fresh spring rolls  *Skype dates  *warm things *seeing new places *sleeping puppies *crocheted blankets *magic pens  *World DJ Festival  *anniversaries  *reflection  *exploring  *nanny blankets  *red nail polish  *fresh mint  *paying it forward  *vegan food  *roses that smell delicious  *fresh starts  *true friendship  *changing things up  *cooking dinner for friends *belly dancing *bubbles *cheese  *doing good things for others  *tea  *polka dots  *inspiration  *floating in the bath tub  *watching fish  *banana smoothies  *home made almond milk  *vintage clothes stores  *midweek dates  *strangers saying hello  *yurts  *sunsets over the city  *Ben Harper  *days off  *snow falling  *home made veggie burgers *fire pits *t-shirts with flowers *taking brave steps  *imagination  *green smoothies  *scarves + beanies + gloves  *floor heating  *coconut oil  *excellent books  *big silk flowers  *feathers  *helping people  *tabouleh  *hugs  *a good scare  *herby bath salts  *mint + chamomile + lavender tea  *fire hoops  *building community  *brothers *guerilla art *nautilus shells *summer rolls + minutes + fantails + redskins *cholalatey mint black tea *napping on the beach  *watching storms roll in  *walking in the rain  *having nothing to do  *anklets with bells  *sipping from a coconut  *cushions on the floor  *possibility  *long conversations  *left over’s  *Christmas spirit *owl earrings *boats *birthdays  *open and honest talks between women  *Christmas lights  *mulled wine  *art studios  *eastern medicine  *care packages in the mail *luxurious eating + bathing + sleeping  *jewelry making  *baguettes and goats cheese  *Christmas movies  *sunshine  * blue skies  *carpets of leaves  *walking in the mountains  *thanksgiving  *burning sunrises *beach sunsets *pretty lights *colourful umbrellas *flurries of autumn leaves  *mixed CD’s  *clothes that FIT really well  *lazy Sundays  *movies with girlfriends  *crocheting  *recycled jewelry  *dried cranberries  *dancing children  *green green leaves  *weekends by the sea  *swimming in the rain *painted cows *pink tights *getting dressed up  *the hospitality of friends  *yellow tomatoes  *thunderstorms  *first coffee in the morning  *fairy lights  *escaping  *love stories  *bracelets and bangles  *stripes  *hippies  *short hair  *sidewalk chalk  *clear mountain views *face paint  *sunflowers *home made gifts *hula hoops *spring *purple  *tickets (to anywhere)  *mojitos  *artful, outdoor fun  *onesies  *listening to the ocean in giant seashells  *pink pens  *puppy cuddles  *sangria  *new tricks  *checking things off lists  *teapots  *fires by the river  *mud festival  *long hot baths  *drinking wine by yourself  *sharing art  *stripey socks *tie-dye *Bob Dylan  *skates *new shoes  *freesias    *campers  *charm bracelets  *fish and chips on the jetty  *tulips  *longs walks on the beach   *wildlife  *doing the tourist thing  *frozen bananas  *bacon chocolate  *leg warmers  *arm warmers  *cardigans  *flower rings  *dark blue black nail polish *sea treasures *weekend retreats *frangipanis  *buttery popcorn  *pom poms  *heated seats  *hand made soaps  *ski trips  *recycled silver  *finger painting  *story telling  *yellow  *snuggling  *autumn  *Prince  * hot chocolate  *skipping  *patchouli  *batik *visits from old friends  *making art  *fall weather  *cupcakes *handstands on the beach *finding hearts everywhere

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